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About me


I'm a hobby photographer specializing in landscape image captures. 

Using a Nikon D3400 and D3500, along with filters and a series of modern and vintage lenses, I work to improve my technique of capturing nature's awesome beauty.

Enjoy looking around as I continue adding in
new images.



I have always used Nikon camera gear.  Lenses are a combination of modern tele and wide angle units, as well as vintage lenses from the 1970's.  Excellent quality from all.


For the time being, locations I have frequented are within a day's drive. COVID restrictions combined with time limits are the two causes.  As things return to normal, I plan to venture out to capture more vistas.


My goals are to continue to enjoy my hobby, improve my skills, and eventually create an income stream from my hobby.

Post Production

I use Photoshop to clean up and enhance my images.

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